Why We're Fighting Fast Fashion

Why We're Fighting Fast Fashion

As we expand our focus to selling online, our long-standing ethical practices are expanding too. One of our first online commitments at Solo was to extend our sustainable ethos from our grassroots store right across to our online presence.

In a marketplace where fast-fashion traditionally dominates, we have the best interests of our environment at our core. Purchasing from us online acquires the same commitments we stand by in store; to offer a contemporary selection from brands who support workers rights and strive to have a positive effect on our environment.

We're all too aware that the fashion industry abuses a vast quantity of natural resources including, water, oil, and land, through the entire production life cycle. These resources are not infinite, and at some point, they will be depleted if businesses do not rethink the way they operate. As Solo, we don't see an alternative to taking the sustainable approach to Ladies fashion.


Prioritizing Eco-aware Fashion Brands

The products you will find on this site were selected by our team with careful consideration. Factors such as the ethos of the brands, as well as the process of production of the products have been considered before we work with any company.

Working with fashion brands with strong morals is as important to us as the look, fit & style of the garment. Stocking top - quality women's fashion pieces also increases the lifespan of the products. Products that last for years of wear no doubt have a better impact on our planet than the wasteful replacement of cheaper, lower quality garments. This is why we combat against those types of product lines.

We only partner with ladies fashion brands that think about the environment the same way we do. So, we hope you enjoy our collection of eco-conscious ladies fashion brands!